Our Angels in the Sand

Just as Angels names are written in the sand and washed out to the waves, so we release them with love and blessings from one shore to another until the circle of love around our planet is complete.

These Special babies never knew a mother's cuddle. They never knew a softly brushed kiss. They never saw the light of day. They never saw the look of love. They never smiled with laughter. They never grew up to play on the beach. They never got to paddle in the waves.

As their Mum's and Dad's we got to hold them with all the love we had inside. Our tears washed their tiny faces reposed in sleep. Our lips kissed their soft sweet skin. Our voices ask why. We tucked them up snuggly for eternal sleep. Our hearts broke into tiny pieces. We lost our child.

How can….

How can you say goodbye, before you could say hello.
How can you lay her down to sleep, before she could even play.
How can you kiss closed eyes in sleep before they saw the light of day.
How can she lay so silently before she could even cry.
How can her limbs be so still and never know how to run and skip.

How can so many dreams be lost.
How can so many tears be cried.
How can a heart break into so many tiny pieces.
How can such a tiny person make such a huge hole.
How can anything ever be the same.

The poem "How can.." is dedicated to Annabelle. Written by her mummy, Judy, in  September 2003.

If you know of any other Angels please let them know of this site and then they can email me with the information and name to write in.

Our new page is "Rainbow Babies". These new born babies have an older brother or sister who was born straight to Heaven to be an Angel. This new page is one of hope and smiles and love, that after a stillborn Angel a new baby can be born into a family safe and sound.

I have updated the Sand Angels Pages. Originally I had separate pages for stillborn babies of mums I had met on Fertility Friend but as I am now on several boards plus get emails from around the world I have made them all just simply Sandangels pages. I also have to upload all the pictures individually so please bear with me as we update these pages.

Due to Fertility Friend and Connected Moms now becoming  'pay to chat' forums I have a new free forum which has boards for those needing support after losing a child. There are also more general boards for TTC and pregnancy as well as other more 'normal' topics' If you would like to become a member simply come over to The Den

Thank you, Judy

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Stillborn 12th January, 2006

Very loved baby girl of Melissa.

Baby sister to Evan and Colin. (new baby boy due January 2007)


  Hahnna May Eloise

Stillborn 23rd Ocotober , 2005 at 38 wks

Loved baby girl of Aisha and sister to Payge, Meahgyn and Calyb. (New baby due)



  Hunter David.

Stillborn 21st February 2006.

Loved baby boy of Gen and Denny.


Stillborn 1st July 2005 at 36.5 weeks

Loved baby boy of Katie Ann



Stillborn 15th October 2005.

Lauren Angel Murphy grew her wings  at 34 weeks. 

Loved baby girl of Deb.


Stillborn 2nd August 2005 at 38 weeks.

Very love baby of Sarah (New baby girl due January 07)


Stillborn 4th February 2005 at 38 weeks. 

Loved little boy of Jo.

Loved by his sister and brothers and new Baby brother Benjamin Joel (Born March 2006)



Stillborn 13th January 2006.

Loved baby boy of Nancy, big brother to twin sisters Emma Clare and Madeline Hope (Born September 28th at 28 weeks 3 days)


Stillborn 18th February 2006

Adored baby boy of Sherr.


Stillborn 25th December 2005.

Loved baby girl of Drea. (new baby due)


Stillborn in December 2005

baby girl of Trisha.


Born still March 2, 2005

Much Loved and Missed baby boy of Jackie and Susan brother to Sarah

  Shirley Marie

Stillborn 7th June 2000 at 24 weeks.

Loved daughter of Jamie and Ryan. Big sister to Angel sister Kaitlyn and Rainbow baby brother Jonathyn (born 13th March 2003) .


  Kaitlyn Michelle

Stillborn 21st March 2002 at 38 weeks.

Beloved baby girl of Jamie and Ryan. baby sister to her Angel sister Shirley and big Angel sister to Rainbow baby brother Jonathyn (born 13th March 2003)


  Maria Magdelena (Maggie)

Stillborn 18th April 2006 at 28 weeks.

Loved baby girl of Mary Ellen and Hector.

Adored baby sister to Juliana.


    Patience Mary-Grace

Stillborn 15th April 2006 at 21 weeks.

Adored baby girl of Nena.

  Cameron William and Cassidy Rae

Stillborn at 20 weeks on 25th March, 2003

Beloved twins of Tabitha and Darren. Cameron and Cassidy are watching over their little brother Rylan (Born 14th September, 2004)

     Michael Douglas (Doc)

Stillborn at 20wk 2days on 4th July, 2006.

Forever loved son of Shannon and Michael.

He shines in hearts and Heaven.

"When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure."


Parker Andrew.


Born on June 19, 1995 due to fetal hydrops.
He became an angel on the same day.

Forever loved son of Judy and older brother to Jessica (born January 6th 1997)


  Isaac Mohamed ElBasri

Born into heaven on February 5, 2003.  He was 4 pounds, 13 ounces.  Though he was small, he was perfect in every way.

Loved baby son of Teralee and Mohamed and baby brother to Noelle and big brother to Noah (born 3rd November 2004) and (New baby due April 2007)


  Jesper Thomas

Stillborn 28th April 2003 at 41+ wks.

Loved baby boy of Golden and Jeff. Big brother to Nathanyl Ander (born 31st August 2004)


Stillborn 5th October 2006.

Loved baby girl of Dianne and Joe and baby sister to Connor


Stillborn 3rd October 2006

Loved son Loved son of Kelly and Brent and baby brother to Neil. We miss you!


Stillborn 1st August 2006 at 29 weeks.

Loved son of Vicki and Simon and baby brother of Matthew.


Stillborn 19th April 2006

Loved son of Rachel.

  Chance William

Stillborn 28th July 2005 at 32weeks

Loved son of Brad and Chantal

"May you find comfort knowing that love was all our baby, Chance ever knew"

  Olivia Grace

Stillborn 9th January 2007 at 35 weeks

Beloved daughter of Micah and Shaun and baby sister of Allison

loved and thought of all the time by all of her family

     Rebecca Leigh Carter
Stillborn at 20 weeks, May 29, 2003

Loved Daughter of Mike & Teresa Carter, and sister to Baylee, Piper, and Jack.

She is forever in our hearts.

To add an Angel to this site please email me details at judy@webbed.com.au



  Angels Heart.
  Kingston Beach and the Derwent River, south of Hobart. This is where I usually write the Angel names.
  This is Ocean beach at Strahan on the west coast of Tasmania. The beach is 30 km long. The nearest land mass in a direct line latitude is South America. We were here in February 2004 so I wrote some names here.

The background for this page is of the sand ripples at Henty Dunes near Strahan on the West Coast of Tasmania. Though you may shed a tear when reading this memorial site please think of Our Babies with love and say a prayer for them and the Parents, Brothers and Sisters who love them and miss them so much. Grandparents too and Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

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